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Kennard's Hogs and Dawgs

Linemen Academy

Kennard’s Hogs and Dawgs Linemen Academy is a position-specific football program located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our strategic skill development provides specialized training for offensive (Hogs) and defensive (Dawgs) linemen. This program has proven to be highly successful due to the numerous high school standouts that have gone on to impact their Division One college teams. Targeting linemen from youth to professional ages, athletes will learn proper form, technique, disruptiveness, explosiveness and overall dominance in our academy. Our mission is to enhance offensive and defensive linemen’s skills, giving them the competitive edge to execute techniques effectively on the field. With notable coaching staff including Derek Kennard Sr., who earned a Super Bowl ring while playing 13 years professionally as a Center and Guard, and Derek Kennard Jr., a notable defensive lineman who played at the Division One ranks, as well as professionally. Kennard’s Hogs and Dawgs Linemen Academy is designed to elevate the athlete’s game and to fully maximize their potential. Our passion for the game of football, along with our extensive knowledge and background for line play, is what instills confidence producing a dominate athlete allowing them to stand out on the field.




  • Tank Johnson - Bears, Cowboys/Bengals

  • Devon Kennard- USC/New York Giants/Detroit Lions 

  • Danny MuLlarkey- Weber State 

  • Craig Roh - Chapparal/ Carolina Panthers

  • Zeb Togai- ASU 

  • Derek Nsubuga- Southern Illinois 

  • Steve Lamb- Air Force

  • Terrell Ressonno- Missouri 

  • Jalen Jelks -Oregon 

  • Justin jackson- USD

  • Dontay Moch - UNR/ Bengals

  • Kevin Green - USC/ 49ers

  • Jaxon Hood- ASU

  • Alban Dedvukaj- University of Maine 

  • Alex Lewis- Colorado / Nebraska 

  • Todd Peat Jr- Nebraska 

  • Otis jones- ASU

  • Damani Mosby - Kansas University/ Packer

  • James Stagg- Navy

  • Myles wilson- San Diego University

  • Kevin Greene- USC

  • Anthony clement- Arizona Cardinals

  • Gabe Watson- Arizona Cardinals

  • Jeremy Bridges- Arizona Cardinals




500 North 56th Street

Suite 1

Chandler, AZ 85226